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Brain chemistry research has produced a drug - Nirvana - that can wipe out addiction and mental illness by stimulating pleasure centers in the brain and flooding the brain with endorphins. PsyMax Labs is about to release Nirvana, but suddenly something goes badly wrong. Nirvana causes drastic genetic changes, switching on dormant genes to produce BRAINIAC, a creature whose need for the brain's pleasure chemicals causes it to begin eating human brains. Victims are found with their heads drilled and their brains literally sucked out. As the mysterious deaths pile up, Doctor Sunday Morgan, Assistant Laboratory Director at PsyMax, finds clues to a cover-up at PsyMax. As she pieces together the results of an illegal experiment, her own life is put in danger as Brainiac begins to stalk her. She teams up with murder-investigator, Sgt. Steve Danko, to find the killer before the clock runs out on their formerly quiet little town. Done in the straightforward monster-movie tradition of the 1950s... Written by Matthew J. Bayan

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